Reasons you should Donate to (The Shafi’i Institute)


  • We assist Shafi’is and non-Shafi’is from around the world in their pursuit of sacred Islamic knowledge.
  • We work to preserve the noble legacy of the great Imam of Islam, Muhammad ibn Idris Ash-Shafi’i (radiya Allahu anhu) and share it with all seeking his understanding of the Muslim canon.
  • We provide access to classical and traditional texts through translations into English, Francais, and other languages.
  • We are starting online courses of study for personal enrichment in the studies of sacred Islamic law (shari’ah) and Hadith.
  • We are going to start to translate into English manuals of Shafi’i fiqh and other treatises of great import to the Muslim Ummah, insha’allah.
  • We aid, to the best of our ability, the common Muslim in accessing traditional Islam – assisting them in solving their problems with the guidance of the Imams of Islam.
What will we use your donations for: Your donations will help us pay for the website hosting/maintenance, the online courses, translation/fatwa services, and continue to provide the international Muslim community with easy access to Islamic fiqh (madhhab). We ask for your support in this noble endeavor! Jazakum Allahu Khayran for your assistance in helping us reach our goals!


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